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What Porcelain Veneers can Do For You

While there are many different dentistry procedures, some good for cosmetic reasons, you should definitely consider veneers if you’re having issues. For some, if your teeth are discolored, bleaching helps. If your teeth are damaged, a crown can help. If your smile has crooked teeth, there are orthodontic treatments which straighten you out. However, if you have more than one of these, or even all three, it’s time to consult your dentist in Santa Clarita for something else. Porcelain veneers are the answer, and they can help with many things.

Now these can fix your smile, no matter what part of it you dislike. Even with just a veneer or two you can make a huge difference, and a full set gives you a new smile.

These are cosmetic solutions to help with chipping, discoloration, and everything else. If you have teeth gaps, they can be filled, if your teeth are chipped or cracked, it gets concealed. If they’re worn down and not shaped right, this can also give you the perfect size and shape. Teeth that are yellow are now bright, and crooked teeth can be corrected much faster than orthodontics.

So how are they such a flexible solution? After all, they do a lot. Well, a veneer is essentially a layer that is extremely thin of advanced ceramic that does cover your current tooth, and it can shape the tooth to whatever color, shape, and size you so want. Because it’s creating a new sort of mouth for yourself, it can fix a ton of problems in just a couple of sessions. If your teeth are crooked or yellow, you don’t have to get both, for this can solve them both at once.

Now, you might wonder if they’re for you. They might be, but there are a few conditions you’ve got to think about. First, you should have good oral health for it to be effective. If you suffer from bruxism, this might not be good for you, since the veneers might be damaged. You should get your bite evaluated, and if you do want to get veneers, a bite guard might be the perfect way to protect your teeth.

Now, another question that you might ask is how well they can withstand. The answer, is that while they are made of porcelain, which is indeed fragile, the advanced ceramics that are used in this aren’t, and they are named porcelain not cause of the fact that it’s fragile, but rather it’s because of the color. The actual material is a very strong ceramic that’s used in tank armor and bulletproof vests. So yes, they’re super strong and durable, and they can even last decades.

You might wonder if the procedure is painful as well. Well, don’t be concerned. While you will need to have a thin layer of your teeth scraped off, it’s not too terrible, and you will get some general anesthesia to help with any discomfort and pain. They also might give you pain relievers to help with any discomfort that might be bothering you. All too often, it’s just a mild sensation that might be bothersome for a little bit, but once it’s all done, you’ll be bestowed with a new smile that makes you feel great.

The best part, is that you won’t have to go in for treatment after treatment, as in the case of orthodontics. Rather, you’re only going to do two visits, and it can be completed in less than a month. It’s pretty mind-blowing, and you can get all of this done in no time.

If you do believe that veneers are the answer, which they might be for any sort of cosmetic reason, then it’s best that you do see your dentist in Santa Clarita first. They can help put these on you, but not only that, they can also get your teeth into the right health that you need them to be in so that when you do end up going in for veneers, you’ll be able to get them without too many issues, and super quickly as well. Veneers can truly change the course of your smile too.

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